Friday, August 10, 2012

sorry to the people who enjoy this crap




but every time i walk down market street in SF i always see people eating mcdonalds and i always feel like punching that fucking cheeseburger into their face. that is all

Every time I drive by the one in town…I (not so secretly) dream about burning it to the ground.

almost every time I masturbate, I cum. Also I don’t eat fast food. I like carrots.

Seriously, for as much as some vegans complain about being criticized, why are you different that you can want to punch me for my food choice.

I welcome any Vegan to try to punch a cheeseburger down my throat. When you’re done, I’m gonna punch a Big Mac down your gullet, fist a Quarterpounder up your ass, stuff your urethra full of McNuggets, then let a cheeseburger burp out right in your face.


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    i went through the exact same thing as child, i also had to grow up on WIC and food stamps. it may be cheap and...
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    And this is why I love Luis
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    Fixing their air conditioners and giant refrigerators for a few years made me never want to eat there again. x__x And I...
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    I don’t do any of these things because I don’t need to prove my vegan-ness